BBC’s Reporting of the Cameron Protests – The Disinformation of the State News

On multiple occasions in the last few years, the BBC has failed to report on major protests against the government and turned a blind eye to stories on certain matters. Some could argue, that maybe these stories are unimportant to the majority of the country on occasion and so maybe not as newsworthy.

Today though, this was totally proved wrong, and what is apparent is the agenda within the BBC is to misinform the public or not report on stories. Are they scared of the power over them from ministers – particularly those who probably want to scrap license fee funded TV and media? Or is there a bigger agenda within all of this – who knows?

However, when a Prime Minister is being called to resign amid one of the biggest domestic tax scandals in recent history you’d think this is something to report. Or the fact that thousands of people are turning up in London to protest against Cameron, and likely the government policies as well? And certainly now that more allegations are being uncovered by news outlets such as C4 news?

Well, Sky News thought so – and so did the Mirror, Metro, RT, The Guardian, The Telegraph and countless other news outlets (although some kept out of it). Some even provided live coverage as events unfolded outside Downing Street today.

They all reported that thousands were marching in London:



However, the BBC provided no such coverage, just a few articles summing up the allegations and twitter outrage over the last few days. They finally added a video in the middle of the afternoon – hidden away on their new site.

But the attached description was very odd –


Hundreds of protestors? But every other outlet and agency is saying thousands? And the video footage seems to suggest so. And Twitter. Why the disinformation? Why the lack of coverage? Why the minimizing of the story?





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