In Chronological Order (that they were made):

We Like The Way We Move (2007)

By Matthew Brooke, Ashley Cresswell and David Roberts.

Won Best KS4 Film and Best Overall Film at the SAFTAS Awards 2007.

Tafte (2010)

By David Roberts

A-Level Film Studies Submission (Recieved an A)

Why I Should Be Offered A Place On This Prestigious Course? (2010)

By David Roberts

My university calling card entrance film. An excercise in technical stuff.

Double Indemnity 2 Minute Remake (2010)

By David Roberts

Desperados – Final Take (2011)

By David Roberts (Director) and Multi-Cam team.

Our studio module production.

Is University Worth It? (2011)

By David Roberts

My first year student film.

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