Our brand new television show Busking

Myself and my fellow colleagues at Roll Your Own Productions recently had our new show Busking commissioned for broadcast across the Made Television network, primarily Made in Cardiff in their prestigious Friday night slot. With the producers and self shooting PD’s Greg Fisher and Jack Browse, aswell as Paul Simmonds on audio and support from our fellow colleagues Tim Wreford and Tom Parry we have been on an exciting show developing this concept over the last few months. I have been assisting with production of the show, assisting with commercial development and marketing as well as adding my post-production expertise.

We have been filming some fantastic musicians including Genevivie Gyseman, Sophie De Winter, Georgina Davey, Sam Hickman, Naomi Edwards, Florslava, Connor Knapp, The Apple Tree Theory, Houdini Dax, John Adams, The Cradles, Kirk Morgan, Sean O’Brien, Kris Radar, Jon Bain, dunkie, Mark Purnell, Owain Hughes, Tim Walsh, Cal Ruddy, Ryan Silvester, Declan Andrews and Violent Hearts.

Shot around Cardiff, the show demonstrates the variety and beauty of the city with stunning cinematography and some very interesting techniques including timelapses and tilt-shift photography that are pretty unique for broadcast television.

We have been hard at work editing the show over the last few weeks in Final Cut Pro X and the show is almost ready to go with our first show going out near the end of July. We are super excited for this show to go out and for you all to enjoy the wonderful talent on show. We are also going to be releasing exclusive online content including unseen songs and photos of the artists.

Make sure to keep up to date with the show on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram – our handle being buskingtvuk.

Here are some production photos for you to check out:

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