The Making of ODAS: Dead Origins (The Movie)

Check out this really cool look behind the scenes on my friends R.E.M.M.C’s ODAS movie project.

Originally the concept of ODAS was based on a comic, which I have talked about in a previous post.  I wanted to develop the concept into a live action film, with the working title; ODAS: Dead Origins.

I originally filmed a version of Dead Origins for a second year module in University entitled ODAS Dead Light. You can see the trailer for this here.

The original concept for the world of ODAS was based on the idea of laife preservation. My inspiration for the story was to write abaout a character that has to deal with the loss of a loved one and wishes to cheat death and revive characteristics of his loved one so that they can live again through reanimated cybernetic beings called Half Lifers:


half-lifer n (pl half-lifers) two halves, less than whole, semi-corporate Lifer; n (sl) serving life a sentence.

The central character is…

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